Australians Love their Flowers

The Australian fresh flower industry is a multi billion dollar industry and everyone seems to want a share of it. People love to buy flowers and love to send flowers and for decades this was a simple task. Everyone had their favourite local florist who could help them with all their floral requirements. Whether delivering locally or around Australia or the world, your local florist was your first point of call. What's changed is how many people choose to order flowers today and with the arrival of Social Media and the Internet a Monster of an Industry has emerged and  given a platform that was never available  or possible before, so although this industry needs the full services of local florists to survive, they are a deceptive industry leeching the very industry they portray to represent. Without the support of misguided local florists and the Internet these online seller would not ever exist.

Your Local Florist

Your local florist was and is a professional with the talent and expertise to provide you with the most beautiful flowers, the talent and artistic flair to create stunning floral creations that are admired and appreciated by all. Where as before your local florist was a retail outlet,  fully stocked and offering you all the benefits and experience and know-how of a professional, the industry today has totally changed. 

Today the Internet, Social Media, and Google  gives anyone  and everyone the opportunity to be a florist (an overnight sensation). There are retail florists, home based florists, market florists and roadside florists, there are new generation florists who are green or organic, environmentally friendly, those that pay attention to detail and those that are unstructured, those that recycle and those that are qualified, certified, awarded, self taught and those that just love to play with flowers. Coffee shops, deli's, fruit shops, supermarkets and roadsides all selling under the banner of florists.  But the reality is while we all strive to be the best at what we do, we all source flowers and supplies from the  very same suppliers so is there a difference ?

 A genuine  florist  is a florist, who create, maintain and deliver a high standard  of quality  for the product  they sell and  have a  pride in what they do that no  flower seller does. We don't sell coffee or fruit or food and we don't work from a van, shed, garage or kitchen.

Fresh flowers are our core and our customers deserve the best .

Is there a difference , there sure is!

Online Florists

Firstly they're not florists,  they are web based Order Gatherers, selling the concept at a Premium Commission and reselling to a local at a much reduced price. They deceive the buyer into thinking they are dealing with a local florist use  great websites and pretty unreal pictures and a spiel about how they only use the best flowers, they have the best florists and they offer the best service, some give you free delivery, others give free chocolates and others will even tempt you with  daily discounted flowers if you order right now. They are all gimmicks to entice to shop with them, what they don't tell you is... They  are selling  you a product and a service that they neither supply or provide.

It's all about Perception and Deception, and don't be fooled with their amazing reviews, in our 40 years of experience people will always say " Thank you for the Flowers they were Beautiful". The recipient doesn't know what you ordered or how much you spent, so a "thank you they were beautiful" is always a standard polite response.

An Online Seller won't provide you with a Street Address or Location. They will only give you a 1300 or 1800 contact number or a mobile number, some will use local numbers that are redirected to their call centres and they all give you lots and lots of information on Toowoomba and the Downs so they can make you feel right at home dealing with a local.

They are a money making machine chasing your purchase so they can collect their commission!

30%, 40% up to  50% COMMISSION

Ultimately if you spent $100 on flowers you would expect to get $100 value, take away their commission and their  preferred florist is going to give you $60 worth. Imagine spending $30 and getting $10 worth of flowers, 2 stems - appalling!

So support your Local Florist by buying local because these Online sellers Don't!

If  florists  and customers stopped supporting these third party online sellers

They would  simply disappear - Simple as that!